• Inma de Reyes Casas


Feature Film in Production


In Spain, Borja is a shy and introverted boy who is growing up so that at the age of 16 he can wear an expensive “suit of lights”, marking his debut as a bullfighter.

His single mother and his grandfather struggle daily to pay the bills, but they see the way out in Borja: hoping for a better life, the family sign Borja up for the local School of Bullfighting. From the age of 12 he turns into a young man carrying the burden of his family’s poverty and the risk of being harmed by a bull or being threatened by growing animosity towards bullfight. But before he debuts, it’s clear that what might be his family’s ticket out could become an extinct cultural sector.

Surrounded by instability, wealthier kids, animal activists, a progressive-minded Spain and now, a global pandemic Borja’s hopeful coming-of-age story turns into a controversial and unpredictable narrative.

Currently in development by Aconite Productions and Rustic Canyon Pictures with the support of Chicken and Egg Pictures and Screen Scotland.

Directed by Inma de Reyes

Cinematography: Theodor Solin, Alana Mejia Gonzalez

Producers: Aimara Reques, Beth Earl, Ronny Merdinger

Format: Feature documentary (90 mins), 16:9

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