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A grandfather pins his hopes on 12-year-old grandson Borja to transform the family's fortunes. Unemployment weighs heavily on Borja's family, as he submerges himself in the practise of bullfighting.


Director: Inma de Reyes

Film editor: Stephen C. Horne

Cinematography: Theodor Solin

Music: Jonathan Fyfe

Sound mix: Ali Murray

Sound recording: Inma de Reyes

Colourist: Stephen C. Horne

Producers: Abby Riggleman, Carey M. Osborne

Distribution consultant: Ana Moraes

Poster design: Alex Harwood


Sheffield Doc/ Fest 2018- Best short film competition

Aesthetica Short Film festival, 2018- Best short film competition

London Short Film Festival, 2018- UK Competition

FIPADOC, 2019- New Talent Competition

Cinemaattic- Ciclo Mujer(es) 2019

Iberodocs- Official Selection 2019

Independent Film Award- In Competition 2019

Cineskinny on Tour - Scottish Talent Showcase 2019

Portugal International Film Festival 2019

Best of Latin America Short Film Festival 2019

Studio 34 Belfast - Docs Ireland strand

The International Film Awards- Best short film nominee

British Shorts - Official Selection Berlin 2020

Format: 14 minutes, 1920 x 1080, Stereo

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